with Andy

with Andy Anglin 

with Andy Anglin


Align & Refine

The perfect class for beginners and seasoned practitioners as you refine the relationship to your body and awaken to new habits. This class teaches precision and alignment of yoga postures. The pace is more reflective as we develop strength and flexibility through longer holds of common postures and blend mindfulness and breath-work to build awareness. Expect a challenge as we give postures time to imprint. There is greater detail of instruction and the opportunity for interaction and hands on adjustments.

Tuesdays 6-7:15 PM - Pre-Register starts January 2018

Sitka Yoga Union

Yoga Playtime (ages 3-6 and Guardian)

Share yoga playtime with your little one (3-6yrs)! In this class, we will be taken on a journey of the imagination through playful poses, games and activities that give the entire family a way to interact, be silly and connect in a comfortable setting. Poses are practiced both individually and as a family. Parent/guardian must attend class

Saturdays 10:30-11:30 AM - ongoing starting January 2018
Sitka Yoga Union

Yoga for Women Workshop

DELICATE, SLOW, GENTLEā€¦ Blissful Surrender.

A beautiful, gentle yoga workshop created for women to restore balance emotionally, energetically and hormonally.

A women's yoga practice needs to adapt every month as well as during her ongoing years to her many changing cycles of transformation. Through menstruation, pregnancy and menopause each woman can alter her practice to suit that period of time. Respecting these fluctuations can greatly help ease her way into the later years of her life.

Sequences will be given as well as explanations of Ayurvedic doshas most specifically focusing on menstruation time.

This class is for women of all ages, sizes and there is no previous yoga, movement or dance experience necessary.




- If you cancel 1 month or more before the workshop/retreat, you will receive a 100% refund.

- If it is less than 1 month from the date of the workshop/retreat, you will receive a 100% refund if we are able to fill your spot

- If it is less than 1 month from the date of the workshop/retreat, and your spot is not able to be filled, you will receive a refund of 75% of the cost of the retreat or deposit you have given.

- If it is less than 2 weeks in advance of the workshop/retreat and your spot is not able to be filled, sadly no refund can be given.

As you know, many of my retreats and workshops fill up and then get a waiting list, so the likelihood that your spot will be filled is pretty high. But that might mean that we have to wait until after the event happens to find out and get you a refund!


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